I believe solopreneurship is the most rewarding business model.

I believe that solopreneurship is hard and lonely.

I believe many solopreneurs have built their businesses into a prison when what they wanted to build was a playground.

I believe we can fix this, together.

Here’s why I believe that:

  • Many solopreneurs are burnt out.
  • Many solopreneurs are living contract to contract.
  • Many solopreneurs are ready to give up and go back to Cubicleland.

I also believe that:

  • Many solopreneurs are choosing better, not bigger.
  • Many solopreneurs are done with the ‘grow or die’ mentality.
  • Many solopreneurs are one decisions away.

I’m on a mission to help solopreneurs craft not just a business, but a life they love.

To unlock the freedom and impact they set out for in the first place when they started.

To take back their time and money.

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Mike Ruman

Mike Ruman